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Home / News / 10 takeaways from Zedd’s first-ever Reddit AMA – Dancing Astronaut

10 takeaways from Zedd’s first-ever Reddit AMA – Dancing Astronaut


In the digital era, it might be hard to believe that a producer as tenured as Zedd only just recently realized his first Reddit AMA. Nevertheless, on November 18, the Interscope Records signee stopped by r/music to field fan-submitted questions spanning a range of inquiries, including the status of his third studio album, his go-to VSTs, and the artists with whom he’d most like to collaborate. Highlights from the Reddit AMA, which collectively took Zedd’s followers several steps closer to knowing him “Inside Out,” can be found below.

Zedd has delayed his album, lovingly referred to by fans as “Z3,” to a time “when things are more back to normal.”


Although Zedd did not specify whether his following could expect the postponed LP to arrive in 2021, whenever the project does land, it’s possible that it could bear Porter Robinson‘s touch. When asked if he and Robinson would “ever make a song together again,” Zedd stated,


“Addicted to a Memory,” the Bahari feature from his 2015 album, True Colors, is the most challenging song that he’s made to date.


Regarding the advice he’d give “someone just starting out in the music industry,” Zedd urges rising acts to embrace their artistic idosyncrasies, “work hard,” and invest time in their craft.


During the first year of his career, Zedd was intimated by the mic, until Skrillex gave him the push that would prompt him to use it.


When asked what he is “most proud of” in his career, he wasn’t able to answer the question just yet, but not without good reason:


He used to be on a Counter Strike team in Germany.


Zedd has a long list of artists with whom he’d like to collaborate, ranging from Radiohead to Billie Eilish.


Serum is among his five “most used” VSTs:


The creative process behind the “complextro” parts in his songs is expectedly complex.


Featured image: Rukes

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