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Home / News / BARDZ & Daniel Turley Drop Beautiful EP, ‘Burn Bright’

BARDZ & Daniel Turley Drop Beautiful EP, ‘Burn Bright’


Over this past year we’ve become very keen on southern California’s BARDZ. He has an amazing knack at crafting wildly creative music that feels straight from the core to who he is.

Now, he’s back with his highly anticipated ‘Burn Bright‘ EP in collaboration with vocalist Dan Turley. Led by “Concrete Jungle” and “Save Myself,” it comes equipped with two powerful new tracks that use deeply sentimental production to flesh out a captivating narrative on losing one’s self and their subsequent rediscovery.

BARDZ explains, “This EP is about feeling stagnant in your life (creative endeavors) and longing to find that spark again. You move to the heart of it all (LA) thinking it will solve all your problems. You realize the people you meet aren’t on your side and stab you in the back, as the city slowly eats you alive. After enough time there, you begin to lose sight of why you came, and who you used to be. Enough days and nights of running with the wrong crowds and filling the void, you decide it’s time to save yourself.

There’s no doubt Turley and BARDZ make an incredible team and this EP is a perfect testament to that.

Check out the ‘Burn Bright‘ EP below!

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