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CDJ-350: BPM Lock




  1. i'm not saying people shouldn't be able to beatmatch but it's not the most important thing, the most important thing is entertaining a crowd if you're the best beatmatcher in town but you play rubbish music nobody will like the way you dj 😉

  2. Beat matching should always be difficult, it separates the good djs from the bad ones on clubs.. beatmatching is also the most focused and the most basic and important fundamental which makes djing so unique. The ones that hobby mixes is the bpm lock genius. For exmple at home parties

  3. Im in 2 minds whether to get 350's or 850's. Im only going to use with serato scratch and rane ttm57sl so i will be using timecode cd's. so cdj will be used as a controller basically. But what are 350 like for mixing just using usb and cd's. As i want to get used to mixing using these. As there might be times i get asked to play some where and serato might not be set up etc

  4. @metalsinani I learned DJing in 2009/10 but still haven't managed to actually perform at an event. DJing shouldn't just be about mixing though. It should be about the crowd and the atmosphere you create for them. I'd like to DJ several genres, something I apply to producing also.

    As for some names, I've heard that The Timewriter and Terry Lee Brown Junior (both Deep/Tech House DJs) use Traktor. Even so, I've seen some videos of them performing live and They do string great sets together.

  5. @metalsinani Some professional DJs use software which mixes for them so I guess they can concentrate more on how long each transition should be and maybe put more effects into it. I'm not trying to become a master mixer, I just wanna play stuff people haven't heard before. And with all the Deadmau5-style House and Dubstep getting overplayed, I consider song selection more important. Though I try to variate mixing techniques, beat-matching itself can annoy me.

  6. @AnyDayKnow I understand, but hey some of us consider kids having the internet for homework cheating too but we just have to accept technology will make everything easier as we progress. Whether that dilutes skills is another debate but it just seems the way of the world hey.

  7. xD hahaha…
    if you use cds or usb.. load all music in recordbox.. recordbox analyse the bpm of each track.. and now make playlists for cds or usb on your pc or laptop.. so then you will never have that problem!!!

  8. When I'm playing a song, I notice that the BPM counter always seems to be changing. Is it supposed to do this unless I put BPM Lock on? For example, it'll say 139.8 one second and then 140.1 another. This is the only real thing I'm having trouble with at the moment. It's quite frustrating and is making beat-matching impossible for me since it keeps moving out of time. Please help!

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