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Contra Scandal Shines in Debut LP ‘Full Circle’


As the COVID-19 pandemic has ushered producers into their home studios, Contra Scandal utilized quarantine to fully immerse himself in music. For six months, he dedicated his full mental capacity to create a collection of work that steers listeners through a rollercoaster of emotion. After meticulously crafting compositions that embody all of his production styles and techniques from the past decade, he is now ready to debut his album, Full Circle, available via Gravitas Recordings. Behold the enthralling universe of Full Circle as his signature violin tethers melodic elements together to transport listeners to all corners of the globe.

Contra Scandal encourages listeners to elevate their mind and lose their fear as “Immersion” initiates powerful bass crescendos and liquid basslines. Venture onto a daring “Escapade” as mysterious strings lure travelers into a cavern of psychedelic oscillations. “Mile High Livin” fondly reflects on the exuberant nightlife of Colorado, expressed through attention-grabbing hip-hop vocals and versatile bass backdrops.

Atmospheres slow down in “A Calling” as remote vocals illustrate Contra Scandal’s experience growing up an only child in the Redwoods of Kings Mountain, California. Voyagers shortly encounter a “Snake Charmer,” who forewarns those who attempt to harm him. Featuring Spirah’s mesmerizing vocals, the two reflect on past faults, vowing through deep, dark, and dynamic low end. Resume the dusky path with “Rebel” as edgy instrumentation accompanies wanderers through a murky tunnel. Approaching “The Remaining Light,” listeners near the final destination as warm auras welcome them home. Morillo presents an engaging epilogue with his “Mile High Livin” remix, as cascading dubs and distant vocals big adieu to the vigorous record.

Stream Full Circle on your favorite platform here, or find it below on Spotify.

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