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Home / News / Duck Sauce release insane new music video after six years [WATCH]

Duck Sauce release insane new music video after six years [WATCH]


Venerated producers, A-Trak and Armand Van Helden have burst back onto the scene this year with their Grammy-nominated project, Duck Sauce. For the first time in six years, the duo has released a music video for their latest track, “Mesmerize” and it may just be the most absurd thing we’ve seen all year.

To say Duck Sauce is known for their prevailing eccentricity within the dance scene would be a colossal understatement. The video recognizes Duck Sauce’s quirky charm—beginning with clearly watermarked stock photos of a Duck Sauce club set, and primitive CGI animation. The visual immediately jumps straight into a hysterical and bizarre world. Perhaps, one might call it a simulation.

Just as the audience gets used to this interesting take on a virtual nightclub, things start to get even more farcical, adding in animated cameos from the likes of Bruce Willis, Daniel Craig, and Morgan Freeman. But it doesn’t stop there. As the uptempo “Mesmerize” resounds in the background of this animated bacchanal, A-Trak and Van Helden’s visual avatars propagate what seems to be a presentation on how our world is, in essence, an outright simulation. And for those wondering, yes, it does delve deep into the transcendental exploration of the human rectum as a portal to a trans-dimensional multi-verse that is controlled by an infinite array of potential “gamers” within their own simulation.

Once again, Duck Sauce has drops off a delightfully delectable new piece of content while both laughably and effortlessly capping off the acid trip that is 2020, before its even over. Stream below—who knows, someone may be watching you while you do.

Featured image: Rukes

Tags: a-trak, armand van helden, duck sauce, existentialism, mesmerize, music video, simulation

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