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Home / Producer Tips / Ed Brew (LabelRadar CEO) on How to Promote, Market, and Brand Your Music

Ed Brew (LabelRadar CEO) on How to Promote, Market, and Brand Your Music


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This week, Ed Brew sat down to chat on the EDM Prodcast.

Ed Brew is the CEO of the popular demo submission site LabelRadar. He has an extensive history in the music industry, working with brands such as Universal, Monstercat, Trap Nation, and running campaigns for businesses like EA, HP, and Audible.

We start with Ed Brew’s background, discussing his charity music compilation that launched him into the music industry. He discusses the various jobs he’s had over the past decade, which includes sync licensing, A&R’ing, influencer marketing, running brand campaigns, and more. He also explains how his early music jobs served as a creative outlet, which contrasted from his previous job working at a law firm.

Later on, Ed Brew breaks down the development and growth of his demo submission site LabelRadar. He explains the steps it took to launch the site and for him to dedicate himself full-time to it, offering insights and advice for those looking to start their own business.

Ed Brew also offers his best guidance for independent artists looking to launch and develop their career. He discusses what artists should focus on in terms of branding, outreach, marketing, and partnership in order to make an impact in a very competitive industry. He also explains his thoughts on whether or not producers should get a job in the music industry, and how to effectively deal with the frustration of tracks not getting signed.

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