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EDDIE ‘Blueprints’ EP Track Breakdown


The mau5trap prodigy EDDIE just dropped yet another fantastic EP. We covered the lead up singles, ‘No One’s Home‘ and ‘Somewhere In Between‘ – but the whole Blueprints EP and its delivery on refreshing progressive and electro needs more recognition.

As someone who has said “u bet ur ass electro is coming back”, EDDIE is living up to that message in this EP. When asked why the Blueprints EP was created, he said:

I couldn’t go a year without releasing an EP so…here you go. Your dose of Electro House & prog.

Let’s dive into a track by track breakdown and look at what each track has to offer.

‘Sleeping With Audio‘ is a great introductory piece into the feel and direction of the EP. The track joins reflective and percussive synths with deeper, heavier sounds to create something masterly. The track is actually a sequel to a previously released track from the ‘Bad Habits’ EP. EDDIE said:

Not too long ago I released an EP called ‘Bad Habits’. On that EP, I made a track called ‘Sleeping With Machines’. It was a fitting title to the EP’s theme based around the fact that I personally am always around ‘machines’…phone, pc, tv, gaming etc. Now we have it’s follow up record, ‘Sleeping With Audio‘.

‘Shine’ is an interesting one, in the best way possible. It’s a more melodic approach to what feels like French House. Justice with a strong melody. The vocals feel very nostalgic as well, lending a guide to the otherwise groove-filled track. When asked about this track, EDDIE said:

This single was so special to me because it’s the first time I wrote lyrics, and the instrumental itself was maybe 3 or 4 years old if I remember correctly. I fixed it up a little bit but it mainly remained the same so it sounds like an older piece of EDDIE and it makes me happy

Carrying on with the electro inspired tunes, ‘The 31-79 JGb215’ definitely supplies the vibe. Filled with some of the classics – whooping high pitched synths and crunchy bass – there are new elements added. This track is bouncy and glitches in just the right spots. EDDIE agrees in the nostalgic elements, stating:

This record is a surge of nostalgia for me, the sound design and theme for this really sets the scene to when I was younger playing video games (hence the title) listening to 2008-2010 electro house hits.

No One’s Home (feat. Enya Angel)’ again shows the dichotomy that EDDIE is oscillating between – the worlds of prog and electro. For a full track breakdown, check out our premiere on the track. This track also harkens back to the ‘Bad Habits’ EP, EDDIE mentioned:

After already writing an epic tune with Enya Angel once before on the Bad Habits EP, we figured it was time to finally get our follow up tune finished!

This record is a smash. ‘Somewhere In Between’ blends the deadmau5 style saw synths effortlessly with Colleen D’agostino’s flawless voice. For a full track breakdown, we wrote about this track when it originally released – check it out here. I asked EDDIE if he had any further thoughts on the track, he said:

This single is up there with my favorites I’ve ever done, and its with the amazing Colleen D’agostino’s mesmerizing vocals. I’m so glad we were able to work together on something so special!

Woof, this one slaps. Back again with another electro-style track, EDDIE shows us his proficiency in production. This track is crisp, heavy, hard hitting, and a perfect way to wrap things up. This is definitely one of my favorites on the EP.

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