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EDM Twitter Sounds Off On Pioneer DJ’s New CDJ-3000


The Pioneer CDJ-3000s have arrived, but the timing couldn’t be more off.

Pioneer DJ’s latest evolution in its industry-standard CDJ series — the CDJ-3000 — is attractive for sure, with its robust new design which includes a 9-inch touch screen, 8 Hot Cue buttons, Touch Cue, Stacked/3Band Waveforms, and all-new jog wheel LCD screens. However, all of these features are completely unnecessary with the live music industry on hold and DJs everywhere out of jobs.

We’re not here to slam Pioneer, because the CDJ-3000 does seem to be, undoubtedly, its most advanced multi-player to date with industrial-grade MPU, two processors for enhanced performance, and a plethora of improved/advanced features. Not to mention, it links up to six players through Pioneer’s DJM-V10. But, again, what DJ or club has the cash flow for one of these right now, let alone four or six?

One single CDJ-3000 could be yours for approximately $2,299.

Pioneer boasts — When you’re performing, you need to know the decks can make your creative vision a reality and handle everything you throw at them. We’ve designed the CDJ-3000 to do that and more.

That all sounds great… really. Just check back with us when shows are back up and running and paychecks are in the mail.

See the official introduction video here via Pioneer and scroll down for EDM reacts.

EDM Reacts to Pioneer CDJ-3000

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