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EDMsauce.com Artist of the Week: Sha1000k


What is going on dance music fans! As we almost wrap up this month of the New Year, we are pleased to announce no stranger to EDMsauce.com, up and coming artist, and our Artist of the Week, Sha1000k! Sha1000k has been releasing music for some time now and really showing off his newest track, Make Her Rich, as it makes its rounds across the globe.

Sha1000K this time decided to release something different, in the instrumental and plus put cool lyrics on the song as also making an 2d animated video something like old video games. It was all improvised this time, he was at the studio and it just happened all in the moment. Thinking that you all will join this mess.

Sha1000k ( Shamil) started 11 years ago in music as hobby and it still it is for him, he is just trying to have fun in what he’s doing and not really paying attention to what’s going in the industry but also always be updated with it. He had 2 albums and one single released on the all digital platforms and most of them just rock. So join the moment while he’s out there producing new projects nothing is forever, you never know in what he’ll go for next one.

As many of you know, 2020 was a tough year for everyone on the planet, and that really affected artists equally. Sha1000k gave us some insight into what his 2020 was like as well.

“2020 was the worst year for most of us, we all hope 2021 will bring health, peace, love and freedom after all the things happened, at the end of the day all I just want to see people happy and doing great. Well and talking about new releases I already got new single its like all the time different from the others. You all for sure will enjoy it in 2021.Long life and prosper. I’ll be back.”

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