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Home / News / Elohim Drops Booming Bass Heavy Single “Tiny Human”

Elohim Drops Booming Bass Heavy Single “Tiny Human”


Persevering with her streak of singles main as much as her forthcoming album, Elohim follows the success of “Can’t Bear in mind Your Title” with “Tiny Human,” embracing a darkish, dance-infused vibe akin to artists like Rezz. This departure from her earlier brightness underscores the concept that we’re all insignificant specks within the universe, prompting introspection into the which means of our lives.

“On the finish of the day we’re all people who had been at one time in a womb and we’re minuscule. I want extra individuals had been humble and grounded and we might go into conditions and be ourselves.”  – Elohim

In “Tiny Human,” Elohim delves into the fragile stability of feeling misplaced within the crowd whereas navigating moments of deep introspection. Wrapped in human vulnerability, the tune explores common experiences of longing and the search for which means in an enormous world. It builds seamlessly right into a booming drop, filled with a throbbing bass line and thundering drums, infusing it with plain vitality.

Elohim’s private journey, marked by a battle with nervousness and prescription medicine misuse, highlights the significance of psychological well being consciousness within the music trade. Her resolution to proceed releasing music amid adversity serves as a testomony to resilience, channeling her struggles into profound musical expression that resonates with others.

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