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Home / News / Eminem steps into the ring in new video for ‘Higher’

Eminem steps into the ring in new video for ‘Higher’


Eminem has released a new video for his ‘Music To Be Murdered By – Side B’ track ‘Higher’ – scroll down the page to watch it now.

The video sees the rapper – whose real name is Marshall Mathers – step into the wrestling ring and take part in a mock interview with ESPN’s Michael Eaves and UFC boss Dana White.

The clip premiered during the ESPN pre-show for Conor McGregor’s match against Dustin Poirier at the mixed martial arts event, which is taking place tonight (January 23) in Abu Dhabi.

After White predicted Eminem would lose the fictional fight he was gearing up for, the rapper responded: “People like you give people like me the fuel they need to succeed in the first place,” Eminem said. “The best part about your opinion is that it doesn’t matter.” Watch the video below now.


ESPN’s music director Kevin Wilson said in a statement: “It’s always been amazing to be able to work with Eminem for promotional and programming content on various ESPN properties over the years. To be able to work on this video together with his team – not only featuring our team’s great UFC coverage but also debuting it exclusively on ABC, is just invaluable.”

A clip of Eminem telling White his opinion “doesn’t matter” went viral earlier this week (January 22) after it was broadcast on ESPN’s Sportscenter show. Unaware of the upcoming music video, fans assumed the interview was real.

Meanwhile, Eminem recently gave a humble estimation of his legacy, saying he doesn’t think he’s as influential as some other rap legends.

“I know I’ve been around for a minute, but I don’t feel like honestly, in my heart of hearts, I don’t feel like anything I did, anything I’ve done up to this point is more influential than they were to their era,” he told Zane Lowe in a recent interview.

“To me, I will never mean more than they meant to their era.”

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