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Home / News / Getter adds ‘NAPALM’ to his arsenal

Getter adds ‘NAPALM’ to his arsenal


Some EP rollouts commence with a “BAD ACID” trip, or at least that was the case for Getter‘s NAPALM, out now courtesy of his very own Shred Collective. Led by the bombastic “BAD ACID,” NAPALM shows up as a six-song exposition of Getter’s bass chops that takes sonic cues from his 2018 debut, Visceral.

While Getter’s signature style remains not just intact but also rather arresting on the EP, NAPALM isn’t a conduit for repetition but rather a platform for musical expansion. On NAPALM, Getter inflects his sound with different textures and marries electronic elements with fresh methods, putting forth a project that bespeaks balance between the familiar and the novel. Stream NAPALM below.

Featured image: Rukes

Tags: getter, NAPALM, Shred Collective

Categories: Music

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