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Home / News / Good Morning Mix: RL Grime’s ‘Halloween V’ serves as nostalgia for a year of trap sovereignty

Good Morning Mix: RL Grime’s ‘Halloween V’ serves as nostalgia for a year of trap sovereignty


Clawing closer to the end of October, the collective vision narrows and hones in on one standalone day. While many would assert this to be the ever adored and wickedly observed October 31, the dance music community discerns this prosperous date as October 29—the day RL Grime is set to release the ninth mix in his uproarious “Halloween” series. Today, however, take a glimpse back at 2016’s eerily exceptional “Halloween V.”

October 25, 2016 was a simpler time. A time of hope. A time of jubilation. A time of pure ecstasy. But of the utmost importance, it was the exact date on which electronic audiophiles were bestowed with what is quite possibly the most immersive “Halloween” mix yet, “Halloween V.”

Beginning with a classic series cameo from none other than producer and entrepreneurial virtuoso Pharrell Williams before plunging straight into a beguiling Stranger Things theme lead up, “V” kicks off holding nothing back.

Beyond his incredible ear for mixing and unifying tracks with total seamlessness, Grime has an uncanny perception for tracks that defy age. Even in 2020, rounding the fourth year since the rollout of “Halloween V,” each song still sends fans skyrocketing into a sonic dreamscape. Be it hip-hop heaters from Young M.A. to Desiigner to Travis Scott or Kendrick Lamar, or trap deities such as Baauer, TNGHT, and GTA, this mix remains as fresh as if listeners were hearing it for the first time in 2016.

While followers, much like this article’s author, could listen to “Halloween V” on repeat until the sun swallows the earth, there are plenty more piping hot trap sizzlers to uncover yet. Each year, just as RL Grime seems to finally outdo himself for good, another spectacularly haunted mix rolls around, deemed his best yet.

This delightfully viscous cycle repeats itself this October 29, for the highly anticipated installment of the series, “Halloween IX,” and there is no doubt it, too, will be thrown on repeat for years to come.

Dancing Astronaut will continue to revisit each installment of RL Grime’s “Halloween” series daily leading up to the arrival of “Halloween IX” on October 29. Follow the journey with our RL Grime Good Morning Mix series.

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