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Home / News / Greta Van Fleet say new album will be “cinematic” and “complex”

Greta Van Fleet say new album will be “cinematic” and “complex”


Greta Van Fleet’s forthcoming second album, ‘The Battle At Garden’s Gate’, will be “a bit more complex” than its predecessor, according to band members Josh and Sam Kiszka.

In a recent interview with Loudwire Nights, the brothers discussed the follow-up record to 2018’s ‘Anthem of the Peaceful Army’.

“I think for the aesthetic of this album, we really had to find the right team to assemble because we knew that what we were about to do was honestly very daunting, sonically,” bassist Sam said.

“We knew we had to find people we trusted who could achieve the sound we were going for, which is going to be more cinematic. And that’s just across the board, as far as the album is concerned,” Josh added.

“We were kind of starting with a fresh slate…[‘The Battle at Garden’s Gate’] was, in conversation, an album we wanted to make in the beginning but it was a little bit strange, I don’t think we would think that would work as well [as a debut] as it would now.”

‘The Battle at Garden’s Gate’ hits shelves and streaming services on April 16. Thus far, Greta Van Fleet have released two singles from it: ‘My Way, Soon’ and ‘Age Of Machine’.

Per their recent interview, the band feel that ‘Age Of Machine’ bears greater resemblance to the album’s tone as a whole than ‘My Way, Soon’.

“[The album] is a little bit more complex and I think between the two songs released so far off of the album, I think ‘Age Of Machine’ probably in a subtle way embodies more of the feel of the entirety of the album,” Josh said.

“[The record is] dark sometimes, it’s very beautiful and light sometimes and there’s many combinations of both, a lot of the time you can feel that, all of that, in the same song,” Sam added.

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