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Electronic Dance Music

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Hands-on with SynthMaster Player for iPad


Full review in our CM219 edition: bit.ly/CMU219
App info:
App Store:

0:00 – Introduction
0:43 – Presets
2:30 – Performance features
4:24 – Scale and Hold
6:44 – Parameters and effects
10:15 – Outro




  1. I have bought KV331.
    Unfortunately it is not clear to me how synthmaster works on an ipad. The layout of the app on the ipad also does not match the movie here. It would be nice if you also made a Youtube movie about this.

  2. There is one feature that wasn't mentioned in the video.  If you buy presets libraries for Synthmaster's desktop synth … those presets can be downloaded for free into the iPad app, giving you 1000s of possible presets.

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