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Home / News / Hip Hop Watch: J’Moris Keeps Running the Trap With Two New Singles

Hip Hop Watch: J’Moris Keeps Running the Trap With Two New Singles


If J’Moris has anything to say about it, trap hop will not be a fading fad, even as artists like Lil Uzi Vert and Migos become more commercial and search for bigger forehead diamonds. The Texas-based rapper continues his quest to tell stories through trap and show its true potential with two new singles, “Blac Love” and “Ball,” released last week on his new Black Diamond Music Group label.

True to form, in these new singles there’s a balance of sincerity and depth and sort ironic cheekiness to the lyrics and vibe. “Ball” is the obvious club-style track, with a funky trap beat and looped samples that make it danceable and chill at the same time. J’Moris’s vocals are as smooth as ever and purposefully articulate as he refuses to follow the mumble rap model despite being in the south and making trap.

The lyrics of “Ball” discuss the trappings of fame and the ambivalence around money. “Used to want a lot; had enough cars for a lot; now it’s more bottles, more money, less struggles, less troubles more blessings…” J’Moris dosen’t necessarily agree with the Biggie model of “more money more problems,” but he seems to be saying the priorities have shifted. A thinker couched in a banger; that seems to be turning into J’Moris’s MO.

“Blac Love” is the real think piece of this dual single according to J’Moris. A sensual ode of Black women and their power, strength and connection, “Blac Love” is smooth and loving yet vibrant and tells a story of hurt and healing. The lyrics are extremely personal and while once again it seems J’Moris is telling a story of his own experience and possibly a lost love, the universal theme of human connection, healing and feeling safe in a strong love’s arms resonates through the track. “Love it not a game, but I still need you hear coaching me; show me how to love, show me how to open up.” With a heart full of pain, this track begs Black women not to turn away from their men in the most raw, real way possible.

J’Moris’s work is always solid and “Ball” is once again proof of that but with “Blac Love,” the rapper has opened up his vault once again and dug deep to come up with something profound and real for his community. A love song to all Black women, “Black Love” seems to be set on healing, helping and expressing in a way that really hasn’t been seen before in hip hop. Even more surprising in a trap format, J’Moris once again shows that there’s more to the medium than parties and bling.

“Ball” and “Blac Love” are out now and can be streamed on Spotify.



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