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Home / News / Hyenah explores his wild side in ‘Watergate 27’ mix

Hyenah explores his wild side in ‘Watergate 27’ mix


Wake up right with Afro-house phenomenon Hyenah‘s steadfast new contribution to the Watergate Records mix series.

Tempered and with a steady groove, Hyenah’s inspired compilation is rooted in the swerving percussion and embracing vocal harmonies of more traditional African music. It uses those ideas as a foundation, however, finding its own way with a unique palette of electronic influences and styles. Listeners will hear progressive house, techno, and even some trancier elements throughout, but can be expected to notice that it’s all woven together by Hyenah’s unique sonic threading.

In statement describing the mix, Hyenah said,

“I wanted to take people on a journey that represents what I do and what I stand for. I am building bridges. So, I wanted to create a mix that does exactly that. For me, the beauty in music is when different styles and cultures meet and become something new. I like the backbone to be grooves rooted in African rhythms. These grooves grow in different directions. I wanted to combine all of them in a mix that tells its own story, that evolves and explores the diverse branches of the music I love so much.”

The compilation is out in its mixed form now and can either be streamed below or purchased here (album art alert: this one kicks). Those looking to get their hands on any of the exclusive tracks from the release can expect to find them on one of three EPs set for release at a later date.

Tags: Good Morning Mix, Hyenah, Watergate Records

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