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“I know real G’s out there”


Young Thug has clarified comments he made in a recent interview about UK rappers and their credibility.

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Last week, Thug appeared as a guest on Gillie Da Kid and Wallo267’s Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast. During the chat he talked about how he felt there were no real G’s in the UK.

“It ain’t no n***a from muthafuckin’ London or Paris with with goddamn green eyes talkin’ ’bout where he came up at,” Thug said. “Man, yo ass probably goddamn been living in penthouse suites and hotels. You ain’t did nothin’.”

Taking to Instagram on Sunday (January 3) to clarify what he meant by his statement, Thug said: “On this interview with my n***a Gillie, when I was talkin’ about the fuckin’ overseas n***as? N***a, I’m talkin’ ’bout the muthafuckin’ middle-class white guys and shit like that.

“N***a, I know real G’s out there, n***a. I fuck with real G’s! My muthafuckin’ n***a Giggs, all these muthafuckin’ n***as, Skeptas, all them playas? I fuck with real G’s.

He continued: “These n***as handlin’ they business smokin’ shit. I got plenty gangsta stories about these n****s. I’m most definitely not talkin’ it’s not no real gangstas out there. N***s real deal out this muthafucka.

“My muthafuckin’ twin 21 got family out there steppin’! King steppin’! I know real steppers out there. There’s no way possible I’m saying there’s no G’s out there, them n***as handlin’ they business. I’m talkin’ middle class.”

Elsewhere in the interview the Atlanta rapper claimed he has more stadium anthems than Jay-Z.

Thug said that when he performs he has “30 or 40 songs that the whole stadium is gonna know,” before adding: “Jay-Z hasn’t got 30 songs like that”.

He quickly rolled back his comments after it was pointed out that Jay-Z does have a lot of anthems.

He added: “I’m just saying like, I know he do, he probably got 50 of them bitches, I”m not literally saying him. I’m saying n***as who you thinking … I seen n***as like, ‘Damn, they don’t know this song?’ I’m so scared to get boo’ed, I don’t even perform songs they won’t know.”

Meanwhile, Young Thug recently shared his thoughts on OutKast‘s Andre 3000, stating that he’s “never paid attention to him”.

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