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Jack Beats Live @ The Warehouse Project


When you hear that Beni G (Mixologists) and Plus One (Scratch Perverts) have formed a live act, you know you’re in for some noisy, bass heavy technical wizardry. The seminal, trailblazing Warehouse Project in Manchester in the UK let them loose on four CDJ-2000s, and two DJM-2000s last December. We caught up with the boys to find out more.

With a new album due out this year, the boys are hammering out ideas for a live show to support the release and we’ve got an exclusive preview of a Jack Beats Remix of John B ‘Up All Night’. Watch as they use the DJM-2000’s White Noise, Filters, Zip INST FX in conjunction with the Loop Cutter on the CDJ-2000s to devastating effect.

00:18 – Jack Beats ‘Up All Night’ Unreleased Exclusive! 2011
01:58 – TC ‘Deep’ (Jack Beats Remix) Unreleased 2008
03:53 – Jack Beats ‘Get Down’ (V.I.P Remix) Cheap Thrills 2009



  1. man get that MC to fuck, i really like jack beats but being there live u would not know what the fuck to do cos the song never seems to drop, its irritating just watching it,

  2. i wish people would stop complaining about mc's on youtube… firstly you're watching a live video, secondly when you're there the mc/hype man adds so much energy and focus to the rave and the music always comes through clearer anyway. you wouldn't want an mc for four tet/ burial type music of course and maybe they chat some shit but more prefer it than don't… just my 2 cents!

  3. i can't get over the unreleased song at 3:37
    for the past 3 days i've sat on this video and clicked to around 3:20 just to hear the build up and drop over and over again, unbelievable

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