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Home / News / Johnny Jenre Does Not Hold Back On, ‘Nightmare EP’

Johnny Jenre Does Not Hold Back On, ‘Nightmare EP’


Nightmare EP is Johnny Jenre’s juggernaut debut featuring 2 peak-intensity speed-house originals, released on Haus of Panda. The recently-formed label is a partner imprint to Brooklyn Fire, an established and successful label owned by Tommie Sunshine.

John Gonzalez is the man behind Johnny Jenre. Producing since 2009/2010 and being extremely detailed in the releases he commits himself to, he revels in the overflow of creativity that comes to him in the studio, thus translating the energy into high quality work for the world to hear.

Now going all in on Johnny Jenre and sharing the heavy monstrosity that is Nightmare EP, “Night Terror,” and “Jagged,” have already made an unignorable impression on one label, with many more industry figures set to take notice.

“Night Terror,” fires off without a second to spare, highly rhythmic synthwork prefaces the head-banging speed-house drop to come. The song’s arrangement and back-to-back 16th note percussion incorporation signal the build up has come. One epic snare smash later and a drop takes center-stage at a whopping 150BPM – unmerciful bass circling the speakers as the track reaches a major peak

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