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Juuku x Bafu – Endless


Juuku’s latest drop “Endless”is a powerful collaboration with up-and-coming artist Bafu and it bangs. Following up his latest release, a flip of RL Grime’s “I Wanna Know”, this single is Juuku’s 20th release of the year and his continuous drops of steady content (music and self made visuals) is what really helps him stand out. “Endless” kicks off with a steady harmonic intro followed by a steady build up and leading into an explosive drop, the two coming together did something really special here.

Juuku has never strayed away from wearing his heart on his sleeve and isn’t afraid to tell his story, no matter how raw and unfiltered it might be. “Endless” represents the endless feeling of going in and out of happiness and anguish while battling depression. Depression is not something to take lightly and juuku has been very open about his ongoing struggle with it. Juuku expressed to his fans on Instagram how he has fallen into depression various times but has always seemed to find himself come back to reality. In short, shining a light on his normal sad feelings, hopefully comforting his fanbase that it is okay to be depressed at times, and that they are not alone. Listen to “Endless” by the two below now and get ready for more new music coming soon via Juuku!

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