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Kantor – Floppy Disk


“Floppy Disk,” puts some of the most infectious and imaginative vibes in your eardrums thanks to Kantor. Since the start of the anonymous project in mid-2020, all of his drops continue to evolve and get better. Though the latest track here brings together some of the best sonic elements we’ve heard from the triad of tracks mentioned above that pre-date upcoming release, “Floppy Disk,” while incorporating a minimalist nature to it. This one is well worth the listen so tune in to “Floppy Disk” below now and above the stream read a quote from Kantor on the release!

“‘Floppy Disk’ is the next step forward in regards to the sound design I’ve dreamt of for many years. There was a desire to continue to meld the elements of Techno and Bass Music, and with ‘Floppy Disk’, the result was really fun. The lyrics are my take on someone who doesn’t understand old computers and is just confused, while using the play on words of “insert that hard copy” in both a literal and metaphorical way. The result turned out exactly how I wanted, and is sure to be an experience when listening in a car or with a sub!”

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