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Home / News / Listen to Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore’s new solo track ‘Howler’

Listen to Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore’s new solo track ‘Howler’


Depeche Mode‘s Martin Gore has shared his latest new solo track ‘Howler’ – you can hear the song below.

The new song is taken from Gore’s upcoming five-track instrumental EP ‘The Third Chimpanzee’, which is set for release on January 29. The record follows on from his 2015 instrumental album ‘MG’.

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Speaking about ‘Howler’, Gore – who is a co-founder of Depeche Mode – said in a statement: “‘Howler’ was the first track I recorded for ‘The Third Chimpanzee’ EP. I resynthesized some vocals that almost sounded human, but not quite.

“That’s why I decided to name the track after a monkey. I thought that would be a good theme to carry on with the rest of the tracks.”

You can hear Martin Gore’s ‘Howler’ in the above video.

Written and produced by Gore in 2020, the ‘Third Chimpanzee’ EP was recorded at Electric Ladyboy in Santa Barbara, California. You can see the tracklist for the EP below.

1. Howler
2. Mandrill
3. Capuchin
4. Vervet
5. Howler’s End

You can pre-order Martin Gore’s ‘The Third Chimpanzee’ EP here.

Back in November Depeche Mode were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, with actress Charlize Theron speaking in praise of the band to mark the honour.

Speaking about their induction, frontman Dave Gahan said: “Growing up, listening to music on the radio and having music, it really kind of helped us to feel normal, feel part of something.

“That’s what music does for people and I think that’s what Depeche Mode has done for many people. I think music really brings people together, and God knows we need that more today than it seems any other time.”

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