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Luigi Madonna DJ set @ Drumcode Indoors 2020 | Beatport Live


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Check out Luigi Madonna right now as we go LIVE from Drumcode Indoors 2020 on Beatport Live.

Coming Up: Victor Ruiz, Bart Skils, Wehbba, ANNA, Adam Beyer

#LuigiMadonna #DrumcodeIndoors2020 #beatport

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  1. For some reason mixing vinyl is just better to do, to watch and to listen. I don't no why I think it's the imperfections and the extra effort it takes is just more satisfying to me.

  2. Tracklist:

    [00:00] Geeeman – Wanna Go Bang (Catz 'N Dogz Remix) [AUS]

    [05:00] ItaloJohnson – ITJ 007 A1

    [10:00] ID – ID

    [14:00] Gerd – Cybord Acid
    [18:00] Heckmann – Silverscreen (Butch Special K Remix) [AFU LIMITED]

    [23:00] ID – ID

    [26:00] Luigi Madonna – Enfant Terrible (Pan-Pot Remix) [SECOND STATE]

    [30:30] Cosmin TRG – Romanian Deadlift [SPORTIV]

    [36:00] Archie Hamilton – Eye Of The Storm (Radio Slave Remix) [MOSCOW]

    [39:30] 2000 And One – Wrangel Calling [DRUMCODE]

    [44:00] Cybersonik – Technarchy [PLUS 8]

    [48:00] Luigi Madonna – Le Ly Land [DRUMCODE]

    [53:30] ID – ID

    [57:00] Gherkin Jerks – Don't Dis The Beat [ALLEVIATED]

    [1:00:00] ID – ID

    Please leave suggestions for the ID's!

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