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Home / News / MARAUDA Unleashes Colossal New Single ‘Avoidable Cause’

MARAUDA Unleashes Colossal New Single ‘Avoidable Cause’


Australian based Hamish Prasad aka MARAUDA has unleashed a new record ‘Avoidable Cause’ out now on Malignant Music.

MARAUDA’s explosive and unsparing signature sound is littered throughout the entirety of Avoidable Cause. The record is a blistering cut filled with malevolent robotic sounds and fine tuned aggressive production. The track beckons a breakneck production style suited for dubstep and bass enthusiasts alike.

Avoidable Cause immediately places you into a mutated post earth soundscape over run by humanoid like creatures that certainly don’t sound human. MARAUDA’s latest single is bound to be another work of art that gets tacked onto the Australian bass producers catalogue of bangers. MARAUDA is without a doubt a pioneer of bass music like many before him and many to come after him he is shifting the sound of music by introducing new feelings and emotions to listeners all over the world.

Listen to ‘Avoidable Cause’ below or grab it here.

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