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MARK FARINA groovy house set in The Lab NYC


Mixmag & Smirnoff Sound Collective present The Lab NYC feat. MARK FARINA

Listen to Mixmag’s ‘Definitive Deep House’ Spotify playlist:

The Lab is powered by Void Acoustics:
More on the Smirnoff Sound Collective:

The Lab NYC is Mixmag and Smirnoff Sound Collective’s weekly afterwork party where we stream the best American and international DJs from the intimate space connected to our Brooklyn office. This Friday, Mixmag will be getting down with the legendary Mushroom Jazz originator, Mark Farina.

Fresh off the release of ‘Mushroom Jazz 8’, celebrating 25 years of the acclaimed compilation series, Mark Farina is proving he’s still one of the best selectors around. The Chicago native develop his own distinct style in the early ‘90s and when he relocated to San Francisco he played a major role in developing the city’s dance music landscape.

Early in his career, Farina established a passionate and zealous following for his unique sound and in 1996, OM Records released the first Mushroom Jazz mix compilation that firmly cemented his place as a leading trendsetter in the scene. Other notable releases include ‘OMʼs Seasons’, ‘San Francisco Sessions Vol. 1’, ‘Connect’, ‘House of Om’, ‘Live in Tokyo’, and ‘Fabric 40’, which all showcasing his dynamic and innovative approach to dance music.

Today you can find Farina traveling the world putting his taste-making ability on full display, captivating both seasoned dance music veterans and newcomers to the scene. Catch him on the Mushroom Jazz 8 Tour with stops in Philadelphia, Honolulu, San Francisco, Denver and more.



  1. First time I saw him live was at the Atlantis rave in Oakland right under 880 around 2000 I believe. One of the craziest parties i went to a lot of crazy shit went down that night. Highlight of it all for me was Mark’s set, it was the first time I started loving house music. I miss those days

  2. I don't know why I'm drawn to his sound, it's just so punchy, and like a few other artists he has really good command of the space with those high and low pass filters. Essential, and he's been mixing forever.

  3. Every era has had amzing music in the 50's&60's the big band era, in the 70's Disco, in the 80's Rock, Herbie Hancock, 90's & early 2000's Nsync , ice cube and today absolute trash. Keep rocking it Mark Farina keep the real music alive🙏🙏

  4. I love how Farina dropped that Demuir track as his last joint of the night………. He sent a message and they didn't even get the hint that the track was about the very people there!!! LOL

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