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Miesa – Worried (Dario Xavier Remix)


Rising DJ/producer Dario Xavier rework’s “Worried” originally released by the up-and-coming R&B songstress, Miesa. Pop-oriented R&B vocalist Miesa has been a musical muse on some level since childhood, going back to performances at pageants and talent shows. Her father, a musician, encouraged her interest in a wide variety of music, but as a recording artist she has gravitated toward heartfelt contemporary R&B and pop. This high energy remix is in-your-face and will get you moving, without a doubt. Gone is the original’s tender piano melody and in comes in a blend of high-intensity synths, with Dario reverbing and pitching Miesa’s vocals to create a headstrong, dance offering that despite being so sonically different, still retains key elements of its predecessor. Check out a quote from Miesa below and under that stream Dario Xavier’s remix! Enjoy.

“I love remixes, since the beginning of my career it has always been important that we reach fans across all genres and remixes has always been a way to bridge the gap”. – Miesa

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