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Home / News / Moore Kismet Reveals First Single From Debut Studio Album

Moore Kismet Reveals First Single From Debut Studio Album


The long wait is nearly over… Moore Kismet’s debut album is on its way.

Originally supposed to come out last year, the album was pushed back and Revenge of the Unicorns released in the meantime. But the first single, “Rumor” featuring WYN is officially coming out next Friday, February 12.

Moore Kismet says of the single, “‘Rumor’ is a song that I started when I was 14, around the first time I publicly came out as an LGBTQ+ individual. I was receiving a lot of hatred and unkindness from people who I didn’t even know saying that I shouldn’t exist, that I should repent, that I was using my sexuality and gender identity for clout, and other horrible things. To make matters worse, when I tried coming out to my dad, he decided to give me a near 2 hour-long lecture about the “perks” of being straight and why being gay and trans is wrong. It ruptured our relationship in an irreparable way, but that feeling I had after that call and the feeling that I had from the comments I’d received is what inspired the song. When I hit up Madeleine (WYN), the lyrics and melodies that we wrote together brought a whole new meaning to the song. I’m so proud of what we’ve written together and the story that this song tells. I hope that anyone who listens to “Rumor” can find the strength within them to push past the hatred, the struggles, and the hardships. It gets better. It always will.”

Having already listened to the full album, not to mention this single, I can confidently say it’s going to be something you will listen to throughout this year and beyond. The teaser below explains Moore Kismet’s creative process behind composing the album, as well as gives a clear sonic indication for what you’ll be hearing. Though, as far as the song goes, a “teaser” is putting it generously.

You’ll just have to wait until next week to hear the full thing. Pre-save here.


Photo via Kristopher Sims

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