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Home / News / MYSTIC Drops Collab-Heavy Debut Album ‘HUMAN’ [INTERVIEW]

MYSTIC Drops Collab-Heavy Debut Album ‘HUMAN’ [INTERVIEW]


MYSTIC delivers a refreshing change of pace with his debut album HUMAN, out today.

The album features a smooth hybrid of hip hop and EDM influence, exploring a vast range of sounds and moods within a cohesive space. It’s a stark change up from the aggressive bangers we’ve heard from MYSTIC in the past, as he delves into a more melodic, vocal-driven realm.

With a feature on every track, HUMAN, celebrates the voices of 10 different artists — 24HRS, J. Spooks, Jezzabell Doran, Mixed Matches, Jean Aguilera, Talia Stewart, Melissa Brooks, OBLUE, O’ZillaCodeine Chriss, and Rockie Fresh. The productions are guided by MYSTIC’s newfound artistic vision, which he expands on in the interview below.

Standouts for us include “HEADACHE” featuring Jezzabell Doran, which reminds us of our favorite early 00s track with a new school level up. Also, “SUPERLOVE” featuring Mixed Matches and “UNFAIR” featuring Talia Stewart, as MYSTIC’s trap flair really shines through.

Listen here to find your own hidden gems and scroll down to catch up on all things MYSTIC!


Stream/download: https://ffm.to/humanalbum

First up, how are you holding up with everything going on in the industry?

With everything going on, it really made me step up my game and go harder, definitely took me out of my comfort zone. I was able to focus on my sound and my style to create something I’ve never created before. All things considered, I feel the lockdown allowed me to hone in on my craft and come closer to unlocking my potential in music. It also opened doors for me amidst the pandemic, which feels surreal to me being someone wanting to constantly prove themselves. It’s just the beginning, but it’s been ever the more motivating for me as of late.

Please, describe the MYSTIC sound and explain how it has shifted over the past year…

I definitely feel my sound has evolved drastically over the years. The sound of MYSTIC is a ‘chrome fantasy persona’ where I’m able to bring my ideas to life in one beautiful picture vs before. I feel I’m able to use my platform and take it in any direction without fear. It’s important for an artist to not feel limited within their creative circle and make whatever they wish to make without judgment or backlash. I try to treat every record as if it’s my last… I think with the struggles I’ve been through mentally along with the foundation that’s built, I have now found my sound and it’s only going to keep evolving from here. I’m super excited to see where this journey will go. We will fly high, together.

The album is a unique hybrid of hip hop / EDM influence… Can you tell us about that?

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I really want to do and the style I want to pursue. I felt the album should best reflect who I am, and to do that, I wanted to draw influences from styles I really resonate with musically as well as add my own flavor to each track. I grew up around different genres and that influenced me to become who I am today, I have no limits at this point is my life this album proves just that. I wanted to branch out to new horizons and showcase the vision and I have for the MYSTIC brand and the musical direction I’ve wanted to pursue since the beginning.

And every track has a feature! How was it working with so many artists on a single project?

It was amazing being able to work with each artist and create something we both loved. I felt elated being able to work with such great creative minds and make friendships in the process. Everyone on the album brought nothing but good energy, and put their hearts into it like me and that’s why I think this album is as great as it is. They all helped me fulfill the concept I had for the project to the fullest extent. I’m a huge fan of each one of these people and have limitless respect for them. It’s fun to make history with your influences, especially growing up listening to Rockie Fresh & 24HRS so I’m grateful to knock that out on my bucket list of accomplishments.

What else can we expect from MYSTIC in 2021?

In 2021 beyond, you should expect the unexpected… I’m sitting on the most impactful bodies of work I’ve ever created, and I’m excited to share with you there has been a tremendous amount of love flowing my way and around my team as well as good friends. It’s been a really refreshing time for me, and I’m thankful to have these blessings. It’s also been amazing to work with my friends and make innovative music with them. Finally, you can expect all types of genres from me these coming months! I feel the love I’ve been getting has enabled me to feel more comfortable making different music. I am extremely grateful and eager to give that energy back out to my supporters.

Anything else you want to plug?

I will continue doing my part to promote as positive a message as possible and try to spread as much positive energy and music that only reflects my best effort. I want to also say that protecting your energy and maintaining a healthy balance between caring for yourself and caring for others is important in securing a fulfilling life. In addition, I want to also say thanks to POST PRODUCTIONS, STUNNA POSSE and BADMOUTH for being the best team I could ever ask for in the game. I feel with such a team with me, there’s nothing we can’t achieve. Expect to see the MYSTIC name more and more as we shift into the rise of HUMAN.

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