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NAMM 2020: Universal Audio Luna


It’s already one of the biggest stories of the show, and we’ve now had a chance to get up close to LUNA, Universal Audio’s forthcoming recording system. UA are refusing to call this a DAW (although everyone else will) in light of the fact that it comprises both hardware and software elements and is unlike anything else on the market. What’s more, the company seems reluctant to compare it to the likes of Logic and Pro Tools, preferring to say that its focus is on creating an “analogue-style workflow”.

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  1. Has luna other plugin reading option? Like: audio units "components" or vsts? Or we must work only with uad plugins? Can we produce music there? Or it's only for recording, mixing and mastering?

  2. Great UA finally released the same thing I've been using for a decade..it's called PreSonus Studio One Pro. Oh except I can have a full studio quality set up by PreSonus for about 500% less money invested.

  3. I've been a proponent of LUNA so far with everything I'd heard about it but the Neve summing should also be free if you own at least one of the current generation Neve plug-ins, as it is with the Studer. That's the first thumbs down for me so far in a release that I'm generally excited and positive about.

  4. Hang on to your britches guys! UA is a business and they are launching a new product for mac only. They will eventually make it for PC later just like they came out with USB 3 units after Thunderbolt.

  5. ive been thinking about my workflow for a few hours imagining using luna with my apollo instead of using logic or reason with my apollo, a latency free environment, also tracking a drum kit will be way easier. THIS IS HUGE

  6. I’ll say that minimoog LOOKS great. How’s it sound? What’s the arrangement page look like? It’s cool that Luna is free but unless you’re already deep in UAD land it’s prolly a nonstarter. One day hopefully Slate does an external processing box for their plugins

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