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NICOLAS is a new act on the scene who is incredibly impressive. His debut single “Test Drive”embraces elements of synthwave/retrowave, while melding into the perfect amount of indie-r&b vocal to drive it’s distinction. The result is a captivating, edgy experience that immerses you in something vaguely familiar, but vastly different and entertaining at the same time. I am fully ready for more new music by this rising star, and I’m sure after clicking play on “Test Drive” below you will feel the same. Check out the debut single below and above that read a quote from him.

‘My name is NICOLAS, when I’m thinking about my life and when I see the world, I’m feeling nostalgic. Even if I’m part of what they call generation Z, I miss the world of my parents. Relationships have changed, the world has changed, love has changed and people forget to feel. I’m thankful for internet’s ability to remind me of my friends’ birthday, to put my music online in few minutes, to remind me where I was last year on the same day and to have a better memory than I really have but internet isn’t able to remind me how I felt today, when I released my first project or when I met you. I’m still figuring out a way to find who I am and what my life will be and I’m using music to express my feelings and internet to have a record of who I am. If you want to remember, be part of my, your, our project.’ – NICHOLAS

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