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Home / News / Pauline Herr Releases Her First Single Of 2021, “Selfish”

Pauline Herr Releases Her First Single Of 2021, “Selfish”


Pauline Herr has quickly and undeniably secured herself as a powerhouse in the EDM world, featuring on tracks with Moore Kismet, Blanke, Kaivon, Naderi, Hex Cougar and more. But you’re doing yourself a disservice if you’re not also digging into her solo work.

Her latest, and first of the year, “Selfish,” is about when your crush doesn’t text you back. It’s not unfamiliar subject matter when you’re thinking as a songwriter or a listener, but the fact that it’s so universally understood is part of what makes “Selfish” so intimately enjoyable.

This song was actually written over 2 years ago, but very little was changed after Pauline dug it out of her demos folder because the emotion and ideas therein don’t really change year to year.

“This song is special because it’s a lot more vocal driven than the other stuff I’ve released and it’s showcasing a new side of me, the side we’ve recently coined ‘Spicy P.’ I wrote this song about that craving you have for someone that’s just out of reach and the way they keep you around with their unpredictability.” – Pauline Herr

Listen below!

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