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Home / News / Petit Biscuit offers perspective on ‘Pick Your Battles’ remix contest [Q&A]

Petit Biscuit offers perspective on ‘Pick Your Battles’ remix contest [Q&A]


When Petit Biscuit‘s introspective sophomore LP Parachute arrived on October 30, the French visionary’s most attentive listeners could have anticipated what might come next: a remix album, complete with a competition for would-be revisionists to flaunt their re-imaginative skill. This is precisely what they would get.

On March 10, Petit Biscuit put out his call for reworks of Parachute‘s third tracklisting, the Diplo-aided “Pick Your Battles.” Making 10 stems available to those up for the creative challenge—and a personal voice note—the triple-threat singer/songwriter/producer equipped contestants with the tools they needed to potentially win an official release. Upon finishing their alternative takes, competitors needed only to upload them to SoundCloud by April 1 with the hashtag #PYBRemixContest. Though there can only be one grand prize winner, the most impressive takes will be rewarded with features on Petit’s own SoundCloud profile.

With the 12-song Parachute remix LP slated to arrive on April 2, bearing submissions from Malaa, Jai Wolf, and Big Gigantic, among others, Petit’s following will soon learn the name of the remix champion. In an interview with Dancing Astronaut, the media partner of Petit Biscuit’s “Pick Your Battles” Remix Contest, the album maker delineated his perspective on this competition, which expands his long, rich history of remix contests.

Malaa, Jai Wolf, and Big Gigantic’s recastings of three separate Parachute tracklistings, as well as the “Pick Your Battles’” lyric video, can be enjoyed below in the buildup to the collection’s full-fledged release. The interview can also be read in full below.

Your Parachute remix LP features 12 remixes from a variety of revisionists, including Jai Wolf and Big Gigantic, who led the re-imaginative charge. How did you select your cast of remixers and what were you hoping for the Parachute remix LP to embody?

Petit Biscuit: “My vision for this remix album was to pick some very different producers to show how rich the electronic music scene is. I sent a bunch of DMs and emails to some friends in the industry, and that’s where this lineup comes from. I’m very proud to have some very good producers and friends as part of this project.”

Did any of the takes that grace the remix LP surprise you with their sound, and if so, how so/why?

Petit Biscuit: “Every single remix you’ll listen to in this album has surprised me, to be honest. Every remixer has brought their own touch to the tracks. Every remix is so different from the original songs, and that’s what I was expecting when I envisioned about making a remix album.”

What motivated you to initiate a remix competition, and can you tell readers how you define what constitutes a successful remix?

Petit Biscuit: “It’s not the first remix competition that I’m organizing. I love uploading the stems on the Internet in the simplest way and ask artists that I don’t even know to break the original feeling and bring the track everywhere else. There’s no real recipe for a ‘successful remix,’ the same way we can’t explain why a track is successful and not another one, even if both tracks have almost the same potential. Mostly, it’s a conjunction of circumstances.’

Featured image: Jonathan Bertin

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