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Philippe Zdar on the Yamaha CS80


Top French producer Philippe Zdar shows of his CS80 and explains his love of this famous and hard to find synth.



  1. this guy is a legend, of course his English is not that great because he's French. All the guys who commented about the ring modulator, need to chill the fuck out. Of course he knows this synth very well , he's clearly just fooling around, he's a excellent producer

  2. " i am obscess by Stevie Wonder Song in the Key of Life and Vangelis music when i was kid …" lol me too hahahah ^^ moi aussi mon chére Phillipe Zdar et j'aimerai bien connaitre le mec qui est spécialiste de la réparation de ce genre d'usine à Gaz en France, j'ignore combien de modéle du CS 80 ou du GX sont disponible dans le monde mais en visitant les magasins de musique à Tokyo je suis tombé sur de véritable caverne d'ali baba pour musicien fortuné ^^ …

  3. Je ne me moque pas de l'accent français d'un français qui parle le français. Je me moque de l'accent français d'un français qui essaie de parler anglais tout croche, c'est pas pareil.
    Dou iou undeurstande zi prinecipeule ?
    Et en passant, c'est: tabarnac, pas tarbernacle. C'est pas la même chose pantoute!

  4. tabernacle!
    Un quebecois qui se moque de l'accent francais c'est comme un américain qui se moque de l'accent britannique: c'est extrémement ironique, et un peu stupide.

  5. do you guys have any idea who this guy actually is ?? The only reason why Americans are listening and know about Daft Punk and Phoenix is because of Zdar.. He also mixed most of the tracks on Watch the Throne… Get your heads out of your asses 🙂

  6. Hello,i own a CS80 too,and would know the name of the guy you talk about in this clip, that knows everything about CS80.. is it JeanLuc..?Would you give me his contact?Thanx

  7. You are one of a fortunate few to have a CS80…… that is wonderful as I myself am a lucky owner. Congratulations.

    The mighty vintage Lexicon 224XL itself will experience complete ecstasy when at the end of the signal path of a properly working CS-80. People do indeed tear up; realizing the sonic magnitude of this precision musical instrument..

    But all the circuits have to work first! 😉 Otherwise fingernails on a chalkboard.

  8. Kind of looks like he doesn't know how to use it. I think Phillippe you need to practice a little bit before the film crew comes in next time. Sounds really nice though. Crunchier and a little thinner than Rolands but like he says it would cut right through a mix with that strong mid range.

  9. I re-discoverd an old Synth Passion, with you guys, thank you for the Upload! :DDD
    Et la maniere dont parle Philippe Zdar des ses synthés est vraiment passionante! 🙂

  10. Un mono manco tocaria mejor que este tio,

    Es una pena que no se vea lo que se puede hacer realmente con este sinte.
    Future Music parece que no le interesa lo mas minimo, solo vender.

    Supongo que este msn sera borrado. Os saludo!

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