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Pioneer DJ History – Part 3: The Digital Revolution


The final part of our 20th anniversary documentary series tells the story of the electronic dance music industry through the words of DJs including Carl Cox, Roger Sanchez and James Zabiela. From Arthur Baker’s humble beginnings in a record store to Laidback Luke’s first CDJ and the birth of digital downloads, we hear about the evolution of music technology – and the ways it has changed dance music culture forever. And, with the role of the DJ moving from selector of music to artists in their own right, we ask: what’s next?

Hear the story told by: Skream, Benga, Arthur Baker, Carl Cox, RogerSanchez, Tensnake, Paul Oakenfold, DJ Jazzy Jeff, James Zabiela, Laidback Luke, DJ Shadow, Sander Kleinenberg, Mark Lawrence (AFEM), Mark Settle (DJ Worx).

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Art of Tones – Praise (Colours in Waves remix) – 2020Vision

Allister Whitehead – Let The Music (Use You) – Skylark Remix – Toolroom Records

Dosem – Presence (Original Mix) – Toolroom Records



  1. hahahaha Calvin Harris made a record with Madonna called holiday and that launched Madonnas career you absolute fucking piss takers, holiday was with Dizzie rascal, Madonnas career was launched 30 years ago before Calvin Harris left his nappies, get your facts right before you cut and paste video clips pioneer. Calvin Harris was born in 1984, Madonnas first album was released in 1983, silly wankers!!!!!

  2. This is a rather nice promotional video for Pioneer. I must admit technology has come along in great leaps and bounds. But I still don't see an improvement in mixing skill with either professional big name DJ's or amateur DJ's, when using modern equipment. The main problem is they don't spend a lot of time beat matching the music, they play one track for about a minute then throw the next one in too early. Hence it's not properly beat matched. You can watch many Mix mag, Boiler room videos etc to see this in action. Also since the rise of digital Mp3 music, the quality of the music has been dropping year on year as well. The main reason being that a lot of music is getting released on digital media which would not have even got pressed onto vinyl. Because someone had to invest a lot of money to get the music pressed onto vinyl in the first place, so they would not want to invest money on poor quality music. In short there was some quality control, and since the middle man has been cut out so has the quality of the music. I don't wish to be negative here, there is nothing wrong with Mp3's or modern CDJ's and equipment. But this is my observation with the whole digital DJ and music industry in modern times. This is why vinyl records will never die.

  3. Everything started DJM200 and cdj100.
    But I am from the time of the old Technics mk2 and Denon mk2 cd's from the old Rodec mixer. There was no better and it was the best in the world. Pioneer had only sound systems, speakers, and car radios. The pioneer did not know what it was to be a DJ. Now Pioneer is recognized in the DJ world as n.1.
    But every time is more expensive like the reissued Technics. I still have my old Technics mk2 and work like new. I already have cdj I stopped in cdj 600mk2 it is cheaper to buy a Mac. To have 2 cdj2000. In the mixer I have djm2000. But after 20 years of Pioneer I'm thinking of changing brands because there is nothing new, there is only expensive. There is no DVS, filtrs new download, x-fader configurable for DJ not for Pioneer.
    Pioneer needs new ideas to think more about the DJ and less on expensive products. So many products that have the difference of a button and so much difference in price. Thank you for your 20 years Pioneer. But it's time for you to change.

  4. After 6 Years of being Dj, i finally decided to spend the huge amount of money onto a pair of 2 cdj 2000 nexus…

    I always wanted them, and now i can afford this dream

  5. Necesito que pioneer me regale un equipo para emprender tocadas por mi cuenta o que sea como mi padrino para esto del mundo de la música en compañía de pioneer dj

  6. Thank god for the CDJ2000 Nexus. Very expensive tool but worth every last penny. Long live Pioneer CDJ. Back to making money online for me. Happy 4th of July everyone.

  7. yes djing has change over the years. as far as getting your music as a dj it realy has changed and i just had this talk with a few of my friends that are also dj's and what came up was how we get our music. and almost all of us agreed that if you still had to go out and buy the music at the stores alot of these dj's wont be around. i am also a producer and ive notice that when a track is released almost every dj you know got a copy. but when you go back and look at the sales your like what happen well ill tell you what happen it is called file shareing. if these download site can come up with a way that when you buy that track you cant file share it then and only then will you see sales go back up. but as far as pioneer goes they have the best stuff out there to buy hands down.oh last point why dont nobody ever mention the records stores in the ny/nj area like downtown records,vynlanmania, movin, dance tracks rock and soul. i dont get that these were realy very hot spots to buy records back n the day along with many more stores in this area.

  8. Pioneer DJ History
                                                                         Digital Revolution

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