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Pioneer DJ KUVO Official Launch


Pioneer DJ launches KUVO, a community that unites clubbers with the best dance music, DJs and venues.

and app (iOS/Android) will transform the way clubbers, DJs and clubs connect with each other.

Iconic clubs in locations including Ibiza, London, Los Angeles, Singapore, Dubai and Tokyo have already started to use KUVO, laying the foundations for a next generation club community.

KUVO brings dance music fans live information about which DJs are playing and where, with real-time set lists and the ability to preview, ‘like’ and buy tracks ¬– all via the KUVO smartphone app and website. Clubbers will be able to see what’s trending and what’s happening in clubs near them – helping them to discover new music, DJs and venues.

KUVO will connect clubs to an audience eager to find the best dance music, DJs and events. By installing a KUVO gateway box, clubs will be able to provide real-time information about what’s playing in each of their rooms, with the potential to push promotions and communicate on the fly. Meanwhile DJs can market themselves and their music by updating their profiles, and embedding promotional messages and more in their track information.

How to get KUVO
Clubbers: Find out more and get the app at
Clubs: Get information about applying and installing KUVO network gateway at
DJs: Create a profile at

To read the full news release on KUVO, please visit

Track Used:

Seth Troxler, Tom Trago, Subb-An – TIME Original Mix -Visionquest

Artists Featured:

Richie Hawtin, RADR.dj

Seth Troxler, www.facebook.com/sethtroxlerofficial/info

Mark Knight, www.djmarkknight.com

James Zabiela,



  1. NO Thanks!
    I don't want an instant tracklist
    I don't want instant connexion
    I don't need track id
    I don't need my smartphone

    I want enjoy the moment !!!
    Seriously…. You lost a fan and more important for a brand as yours, you lost your musical roots

  2. I think people are missing the point here… It's not really about DJs publishing their track-lists… because they can hit a button which hides tracks from the public service. This is about setting up a fair system for publishing rights, keeping a log of every track played, so that GEMA and the PRS (or which ever collection society) starts paying the right musicians for the songs being played publicly. Without this, the money is just redirected to the top 20% of artist worldwide… why should Rihanna get paid for someone playing out a Moodymann track at Fabric… 

  3. If you want to get the latest version of rekordbox you need to download kuvo and create an account. There is no option to skip if you simply dont want to..unfortunately pioneer goes same way as apple doesnt give you the freedom its their way or highway..besides app shazam is out there for a while if you want to know what dj play..crowd will use it very little, people want to go out, drink, take drugs and party not spend night on the phone. Will they care about "cool" app kuvo? I dont think so I'd give it a miss if i had they option. Pioneer should have in mind the ordinary djs using their products not just the superstar ones 😉 peace

  4. The performing rights society, used to ring my takeaway to make sure we didn't have a music playing device, mp3,radio,iPod etc. If we did we would need to pay a fee for broadcasting music to the public for each individual artist, and this was a fast food outlet . I hung up the phone the first couple of times they called I thought it was a joke but sadly not. Transfer the above to kuvo, now expect a bill in the post with your name on it and the tracks you played etc. Clever PRS, app looked a great idea until prs was mentioned. Avoid

  5. A few assorted thoughts:

    – Good on Pioneer for moving towards a connected future and trying to build this evolving knowledge base. Launching new services and products is always difficult, so kudos to that – and maybe it'll work out?

    – Personally, I think KUVO will persist as long as Pioneer tries to push, but boy do they have a long way they need to push it until it'll float on its own, and there are numerous significant roadblocks in their way.

    – Road block – Late to the party: If Pioneer had launched something like this – perhaps – 5 years ago, they would have been in a prime position to lead the pack. Now, they're just late to the party and will have to fight tooth and nail for market share.

    – Road block – Limited scope. Not only does this tech only work with the most top-of-the-line CDJ/DJM's, it also requires buying the KUVO device itself. Yes – Pioneer is in many ways an industry standard, but apart from absolute top venues, lot's still use somewhat older model players/mixers. Third party support is vaguely mentioned, but even if provided, why would other competitors help Pioneer build their empire?!

    – Road block – Replicates existing features – Nearly all of KUVO's features are already present in some shape or form in numerous competing networks/social media systems. What would coerce anyone to install yet another app or join yet another network? To have them all unified? Maybe, but not if the only participants are top clubs, etc.

    – Road block – Anti-incentives. As much as I like the #getplayedgetpaid  concept, one has to realize that this might actually be an incentive for some customers to not involve themselves.

  6. It's a wonderful idea for sure, I wish it Pioneer would stick to hardware and leave the software (the web GUI is very slow already let alone once it fills up) to someone else. I've not had a great experience with their RekordBox software, it's very slow and a memory hog. 

    How do we ensure that these standards are open for other vendors to make compatible products, can we add other stores like Beatport or even Spotify?

    If someone is using a laptop when they DJ can they run a desktop app which does the same thing as the physical hardware to upload the tunes e.g. at a house party or warehouse?

  7. Yes. Lets all stare a little bit more on our phone display instead of enjoying the actual music. lets all buy buy buy because thats what music and clubbing is really about.
    This really scares me…

  8. I love how Richie is here promoting this but he's been doing it for two years with Tracktor lol Not to mention the only thing he uses thats Pioneer is his headphones. Mixed feelings but deff cool Technology. 

  9. I would've liked to give this a try, but I see the KUVO app requires iOS 7. No good for me and my early iPad & iPod Touch.

    Why can Pioneer not design KUVO to run on any iOS?

  10. I'm already having problems with Kuvo. I can't follow anyone. Every time i click follow the page takes ages to load then it just doesn't follow them. I know it's early but it should at least work :/

  11. Meanwhile, Serato got an option to hide your track title above the deck so that people CAN'T SEE what you're playing! :3

    Besides, how will this work for DJs who play like 90% ID tracks? :/

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