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Pioneer DJM-900 nexus Preview with James Zabiela


Full Introduction video here:

The DJM-900 nexus preview gives a glimpse of what’s to come from our latest in a new range of ‘nexus’ professional club products, which take the Pioneer ProDJ Link and rekordbox concept to the next level.

Our full introduction video will be available on the global press launch on the 17th February 2011. Subscribe to our channel or join the conversation at:




  1. this is gonna make me sound ignorant but what is the track he is playing? i hear it every night im out and i have no idea what it is. been doing me head in for ages

  2. It's great to see they're keeping the design of the 800 rather than making everything "flashy flashy bling bling" like the 2000,not really quite a fan of the design of their 2000 set (yes,not even the CDJ 2000's! I like the 1000 MK3's better) but it's still like a big "WTF Pioneer!". They keep making new stuff all the time for prices nobody can afford anyway (unless you're a millionaire).

  3. It's hard to keep up with Pioneer now. Everything is just beyond most peoples budget, your talking 4k for a DJM 800 and two CDJ 2000. When the CDJ 1000 and DJM 600 was king, you could have it all for £2200

  4. @amerya2
    ewww… analog. I mean yes anybody who knows sounds will say analog sounds better (case in point turntables verse cd's) but MOST modern dj's are useing computers and sound is all coming from software. If this was analog i would never buy it beacuse it would have to conver everything from digital to analog and back again… to put goood enough D/A converts in this "box" to make sure theres not sound loss would drive its cost way up…. so I hope its not analog

  5. @escaflowndj no creo q fracaso, lo mismo dirian de la djm1000 comparado con la djm800 y en verdad son mixers d rangos distintos, en precio y performance. por eso hacen productos para diferentes gustos 🙂

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