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Pioneer New rekordbox Official Introduction


The next generation of set preparation software has arrived, as Pioneer DJ releases its biggest update yet to the popular rekordbox™. Incorporating five years of feedback from DJs, rekordbox 3.0 has a slick new GUI and has been built from the ground up to make it even easier to manage and edit playlists, search for and select the best tracks to mix, and sync track information across multiple devices and software.

Tracks Used:

Greymatter ft Sophie Brown – Night Soldier – Wolf Music Recordings

Jaymo & Andy George – Henry’s Treat – Moda Black



  1. this one software it can do automix sometimes in my house i listen music but i have things to do and no time to play manual transitions with the tracks so it be nice if can do automix for home bedroom only thank you for support and help

  2. Hey Guys i have a little question to you all: When i load multiply Albums in rekordbox it could happen that the songs mix together and i can't drag them seperatly in the right order.. any ideas?

  3. I keep getting messages that unsupported tracks were found in the USB device and that there are tracks which are not included in Collection Pane. rekordbox can not create an image in 320×320 pixels size for such tracks. 
    I have tried to delete all the tracks from rekordbox and import them again into the software, I have also tried to delete everything from my USB but nothing.
    If someone knows the solution to this I would be very thankful! 
    It would also be good for a future update if maybe rekordbox could find which tracks that caused this so you actually know whats wrong…

  4. I've been using an external since day one doing Turntablism mixing without any problems. So don't be afraid to use them. Your external device shows up down in the left pane where iTunes Explorer and Explorer is. It took me a while to figure out how to add new tunes without the sync manager because I don't use iTunes. You can just drag them into your device/external straight from your computers files like you do with your rekordbox playlists.

  5. It looks pretty cool can´t wait to install it. Wonder if now you could keep working while exporting to SD/USB. Also you could also export only one playlist or folder at a time, would there be like an export queue now so as to keep adding things while others are still being exported?

  6. So after many hours of trial and error i got it to work, but im not that impressed, though so my statement below still stands.

    Congratz to the new GUI and Traktor finalisation, seem now that you have copied them right of the bat, you now have a syncable dual deck, so you can finetune every track in advance, so why even include a PITCH on the CDJs

    This is more tward the David Guetta CDJ edition.

    The zoom could be better, the quantization could be better, i know you are comming from the "Apple" enviroment where everything are expected to be clean and free of idiots, thereof the "playlistfeature" guess what, im a "anything goes" dj so i play all kinds of music, this send a message that CDJs are only for club and only them, 128 straight bpms

    I WANT FOLDERS!, and ease of use

    And you could have included the feature of CAMELOT KEY ANALYZING!

    And dont give me BS that the program is free thereof the lack of some features, well i payed 3000 bux for my CDJs, maybe the program should be included then, right?

    I liked the old GUI, it was more CDJ, this look like, i dunno, far from sleek and clean let me tell you.

    Not everyone use mp3 and you still havent listened to those who derive from LOSSLESS files, give us a feature so we can utilize the whole screen for music info and stringedit of say WAVfiles.

    "What a load of POS, why?, it does not work, scrap KUVO or at least unbundle it, and who thought up the elaborate idea of hiding the password? ****** do you really think people would steal the serial when its free?, the program cant install, even with a new key, the program gives hazzle and think the computer is offline, you dont get a new key or password when you ask for a new one, or even change the emailadress. this is BS, ive had ZERO problem with the first to last RB, 2.2

    You should also clearly STATE, that for this POS to work, you OLD login and password for rekordbox will NOT work.


    This made me wanna throw out every single Pioneer Product through my window.

    Who gives a shit about gui and graphics when you cant install in a proper manner!

     you never screwed up this big before, ever!"

  7. Looks really nice! Much better user interface from version 2.0 onwards.
    I wonder how the new CDJs in the future can benefit from this? I'm still waiting for the successor of CDJ 2000 nexus to come out!

  8. Well done Pioneer!! I feel you are now starting to really listen to user feedback (what they ACTUALLY want, rather than what you THINK they want).  This is a very positive step!

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