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Pioneer XDJ-1000 Official Introduction with Pedestrian


Digital DJs can redefine their creative horizons with the XDJ-1000: the first in a new line-up of digitally focused, USB-only, rekordbox™-ready players.

The XDJ-1000 is Pioneer DJ’s first ever deck to feature a touch screen, a familiar club layout and a host of pro-DJ performance features.

The large, full-colour LCD touch screen puts intuitive control at DJs’
fingertips; its interactive GUI has tabs for Browse, Play and Perform, giving DJs instant access to the player’s full armoury. Many features are inherited from the top-flight CDJ-2000NXS, including 206 mm jog wheels, Slip Mode, Quantize and Beat Sync. Plus the brand new Quantized Beat Jump/Loop Move feature means DJs can spontaneously move 1, 2 or 4 beats backwards or forwards within a loop.

The XDJ-1000 revolutionises browsing; DJs can use the Qwerty touch-screen keyboard to search for keywords, then scroll on-screen or with the large rotary dial. DJs can analyse and prepare their tracks in rekordbox (PC/Mac) or the rekordbox app (iOS/Android), and the XDJ-1000 will display at-a-glance information such as Wave Zoom, Beat Counter, Phase Meter and Key Analysis – as well as provide instant access to their pre-prepared cues, loop and customised settings. Plus DJs can colour code their playlists and the illuminated USB port will reflect that colour so they instantly know what’s on each USB key.

The XDJ-1000 meets the growing demand for a USB-only player with all the performance pedigree of the CDJ set-up. And it’s compatible with KUVO – Pioneer DJ’s community, which enables DJs to provide clubbers with live set information in real time – making it a must-have player for the next generation of DJs.

The XDJ-1000 will be available from late November 2014.

Watch Pedestrian’s unique performance on four XDJ-1000s and a DJM-850



Music used:

Drop Bear (Original Mix) – Pedestrian

Hoyle Road (Original Mix) – Pedestrian

Ultramarine Express (Original Mix – Pedestrian

Hoyle Road (Spectrasoul remix) – Pedestrian



  1. I have a pair of XDJ-1000 and I was wondering why don't Pioneer do an upgrade in the firmware so we can have an RGB Waveform on the display or instead of Vinyl speed adjustment, a "jog adjust" all of this can be easily be put in a firmware update. I do feel kinda gutted as I have heard that you are going to discontinue these players after a few years of them being out.

  2. if you ask me, the XDJ700 is more bang for your buck. With the 1000 you only get the classic jogwheel, a few extra goodies, but nothing else. If you can live without the classic Pio jog, the 700 is the one.

  3. I have a simple question, and I am honestly curious.

    Why are the CDJs (incl. this gadget) still so large, I'm pretty sure modern day electronics allow for them to be shrunk down a bit. This would be helpful for those without the budget nor the space to be in possession of these bulking single player devices. The mixer's size is reasonable for it's functionality but its side pieces make me doubt if I'm purchasing the player for it's signature appearance or being taken advantage of. Without having to reply to the above mentioned, if you would rather not, will we see more compact players in the future? Thank you in advance.

  4. I just wish there could be integration for .caf audio. Those are Apple audio files that can contain up to 6 tracks. Imagine being able to mix each track of a song, you can create your songs and then modulate the voice, keyboards and drums differently! way too many options. You could take the voice from one track and mix with the drums of another track.

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