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The fresh and mysterious face of electronic music, BILLYTHEKID, who’s name is inspired by the notorious gunfighter and outlaw from the American Old West just released his debut EP Outlaw on GRVDNCR.

The 3-track aptly titled Outlaw EP stays true to BILLYTHEKID for all of the reasons we love the producer. The EP is mysterious, diverse and danceable all the while showcasing BILLYTHEKID’s unique style of bass music. All 3 of the records are original pieces of art with no collaborations or features.

Outlaw starts with title track of the EP, ‘OUTLAW’ where all of a sudden the song beings to paint wild west themed soundscapes atop an enchanting melody and drowned-out vocal samples. As OUTLAW builds up you are introduced to BILLYTHEKID’s immaculate sound design, screeching synths, and aggressive baselines littered throughout the record. On ‘GLOCK’ BILLYTHEKID does not waste his listeners time and immediately begins the record with crunchy chords and punchy percussion. As the record builds up metallic and squeaky sounding synths takeover making for an anthemic bass heater. Finally on ‘POWER,’ BILLYTHEKID takes things into overdrive all the while keeping things short and sweet. Opening up the break with a mysterious almost haunting sound BILLYTHEKID evokes a sense of fear on POWER and then all of a sudden a quick vocal sample screams “You don’t have any power, let me teach you how to use it.” Rolling baselines and glitchy ear candy throughout the quick one minute and thirty nine second record take listeners on a quick but exhilarating journey through sound.

Listen to the Outlaw EP below or grab it on Spotify here.

Connect with BILLYTHEKID

Facebook: facebook.com/btkiswanted
Instagram: instagram.com/btkiswanted
Twitter: twitter.com/btkiswanted

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