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Home / News / [PREMIERE] Friendzone, Nikademis, & Candace Sosa Team Up For Explosive, “I Don’t Wanna Know”

[PREMIERE] Friendzone, Nikademis, & Candace Sosa Team Up For Explosive, “I Don’t Wanna Know”


Before we get into the usual madness of New Music Friday, Friendzone & Nikademis have released their newest track, “I Don’t Wanna Know” featuring Candace Sosa.

Blending pop writing with electronic elements and a hefty second drop, this song is absolutely fantastic. The first drop is wonderfully high energy and emotional, while the second is devilishly hard. The final section of the song returns to the emotionality of the first drop, giving it an enjoyable feeling of symmetry and finality.

“IDWK was such a fun project to work on because it embodies the essence of who and what the Friendzone project is meant to be. From start to finish it was us, working with friends to create something special and unique. Nikademis was one of our very first friends in the music industry and we’d been working towards this collab for a long time. Candace Sosa the AMAZING vocal feature on the track was referred to us by our good friend Krysta Youngs and we instantly clicked with her as well. We could not be more happy with how everything came out and just can not wait for people to hear this.” – Friendzone

I’ve had “I Don’t Wanna Know” on repeat all morning! Check it out below.

5 Fun Facts about Friendzone:

  1. You will get tattooed at their shows. Friendzone passes out temporary tattoos to fans and gives them to the bar tenders to put on fans during the show. Many fans have actually gotten the tattoos put on permanently after their shows.
  2. You can pregame with the duo. Friendzone hosts pre-games before their shows where they hangout and play drinking games with fans. They dedicate two bottles of alcohol every show to give out shots to fans.
  3. You can spend Thanksgiving with them. Their annual Friendzone Friendsgiving is the only place you can eat a turkey leg, take a CO2 cannon to the face, be poured a shot and be fed cake from stage all in one night.
  4. Friendzone is very convincing. They once pretended to be opening for a major DJ at a Las Vegas residency and got escorted all the way to the stage and received passes.
  5. Performed a live set in the Salt Flats, that they are going to be dropping very soon!

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