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Electronic Dance Music

NEWS – Tutorials

Producer Masterclass | Gaist | Part 1 of 2


Techno up-and-comers Gaist show us how they created Mind, released on Pig&Dan’s label Elevate.

For access to Part 2 of the video, buy Computer Music magazine issue 251:

Follow Gaist online:
• Twitter: twitter.com/gaistdjs
• Facebook: facebook.com/GAISTDJs
• Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/gaist
• Instagram: instagram.com/gaist_djs




  1. I never realised how that writing dance music tracks is more than the rhythms and the music but equally about sonics, eq, compression, reverb, synth programming, ADSR, LFO's, filters, side chaining, levels, mixing, audio, midi etc etc A producer has to be incredibly knowledgeable in all these areas whilst still maintaining musical knowledge, ability and rhythmic creativity. Its hard to appreciate all these aspects when hearing dance music in a club as it often sounds fairly simple which it isn't.

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