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Home / News / Rain Man Feels Reborn with Potential Summer Hit ‘Still Young’

Rain Man Feels Reborn with Potential Summer Hit ‘Still Young’


Los Angeles DJ/Producer Rain Man is making headlines for his newest single ‘Still Young’ with Oly. Posing as a beacon of aspiration, Rain Man returns with a potential summer hit to instill a message of optimism for the future. Since the break up from the dance/electronic band Krewella, the necessary pause of his career allowed Kris Trindl the time to work on himself internally and reflect on some of the decisions made in his younger years. ‘Still Young’ is not only a piece of new music for Rain Man, but a sign of life as the producer aims to conquer the dance sphere with his fresh state of mind.

“What I love about ‘Still Young’ is the emotion it evokes within when I listen back to it. It feels like a powerful reminder that everything is possible, and all of our hopes and dreams are right in front of us; all we have to do is reach out and grab them.” – Rain Man

The single is the first glance of Rain Main as he attempts to reinvent himself, highlighting all his artistic impulses geared to create an energetic track that evokes enthusiasm and hope. As for dance music enthusiasts, the new single stimulates inside emotions and the eagerness of power to achieve. ‘Still Young’ combines complex layers of instrumental range and a dense rhythm resulting in a song with an enticing texture of dance and electronic music, rising as the next promising summer hit. 

Listen below:

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