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Ralph Lawson on creating Lost In The Storm – The Track


We visit the 2020Vision boss in his Leeds studio to watch him explain his Dub House mixing technique.

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  1. Thank you. Loved your set at Festival No.6, Portmeirion, North West Wales in the late night Clough Williams Tent 2015. Loads of space in the music to play along to with my little Vietnamese Percussion Frog at the back of the tent. Sweat dripping and running down the roof of the tent. Place was rammed. Finished off with a little Disco number…laavly. The stuff of Legends.

  2. You should try analogue tape delay to dub they sound even better than digital Eventide, yes i see the technique, but the sound is not as great as what people like Prince Phatty get from they Dub, with respect cause you get more life in your track than lots of other mouse cutting loops producers

  3. Loving this track so much, this is incredibly inspiring. I think this track and this kind of music require a more mature taste in electronic music to be fully appreciated.

    Also, the younger the crowd, the shittier the electronic music they seem to enjoy, especially house.

  4. hate it or love it , the guys doing his thing and sharing it with us all…Respect him for that regardless!! on a side note tho, where do I get one of those spring verbs ..so sweet😊 !

  5. i think the spirit of his process is the point of the video, not the final recording. the idea of integrating REAL spring reverbs, recording analog gear, playing back digital clips, mixing it through a DJ mixer, controlling ableton with boutique controllers like Livid, incorporating CDJ and turntables, parts played from humans across the world… i mean, it's all about how he synthesizes multiple sources into one cohesive sound. try that without experience 🙂 plus he's riding on vibe, not technical prowess…

  6. i wonder how many of the critics have any fucking clue just who ralph is and how much a contribution he's made to dance music over the years? Bet not one of you has anywhere near his history. Not seeing any of you listed on Discogs. You've got a youtube channel and you think you a fuckin genius. Grow up.

  7. Back To Basics, 20/20 Vision, Wulf N Bear, 2020 Soundsystem. By all means be critical of Ralph's work here, but negative comments just embarrass you until you fully understand the heritage involved, especially Basics.

  8. Love his workflow, might be a few negative comments, but he's creating a live feel, he could walk into a venue and do this all live, I bet most little pricks couldn't with their NI shit

  9. So 20 minutes of the video is about those generic drums that even a 10 year old can do, and the rest of it is about some thunder and in the end he shows the track on vinyl. Wow, cool, we learned so much.

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