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Home / News / Seanyy’s debut EP ‘Drive Thru’ gets a send-off [Stream]

Seanyy’s debut EP ‘Drive Thru’ gets a send-off [Stream]


With a two-track introduction, Drive Thru started to build a case for Seanyy‘s recognition in the electronic context. Lead singles “Memories” and “Be Like That” introduced the active duty United States Army Officer to the dance scene, and now, the acquaintance is made complete with the full-fledged arrival of Seanyy’s debut EP.

Drive Thru is set to the tune of five tracks, and to Seanyy’s credit, the EP touts no features, offering streamers an unadulterated rendering of his creative capacities. For Seanyy, Drive Thru emblematizes a longterm sonic goal that has steadily taken shape under the EP’s titular umbrella:

“It’s hard to put to words what this project means to me. I’ve been (trying) to make music now for around five years, and as I get older and more invested in my career, the time for making music in my makeshift studio starts getting [more and more limited]. That’s where this project comes in. This is the highlight of the hours of work I’ve put into music this year. 

Juggling my full time job in the US Army with my music is a struggle, but through the years, it has gotten easier—a sort of “battle rhythm” as we’d call it in the military. This project is proof that if you set your mind to something, no matter what the circumstances, you can achieve it. Let me be the prime example of that.”

Drive Thru is out now via Seanyy’s own Swerve Collective Creations. Stream below.

Featured image: @max_stills/Instagram

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