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Home / News / Space Laces Unleashes ‘Vaultage 003’ Mixtape on Never Say Die [LISTEN]

Space Laces Unleashes ‘Vaultage 003’ Mixtape on Never Say Die [LISTEN]


For weeks, artists and fans alike have been buzzing ahead of the return of Space Laces. Today, he throws down the electric third edition of his VAULTAGE mixtape series, released on the UK-based bass music giant, Never Say Die.

VAULTAGE 003 can only be described as impressive. There are few calm stretches in the 20 minute and 17 second project— most moments are packed with extraterrestrial bass, danceable yet gritty beats or creative vocal sampling.

The mixtape opens with bass house, before transitioning to dubstep and back to bass house again, dabbling in a variety of genres and tempos along the way. At about nine minutes in, Space Laces drops listeners into an unexpected hardstyle segment before seamlessly returning to a midtempo beat.

The vocal samples in VAULTAGE 003 are mind-melting and even thought-provoking, at one point saying:

Your gesture suggests that you are in an uncomfortable place. Good for you. That’s always the best place to be. Being so uncomfortable means you’ll soon have to move. That’s the motivation that drives the journey of awakening. 

Who knew dubstep could be so profound?

And even though one asked, my favorite drops of the project come in at 3:00, 7:28, 13:29, 15:10 and 16:58.

But don’t just take my word on the mixtape. Find the most capable speakers or headphones you have, plug in, and prepare for blast off with Space Laces.

Space Laces – VAULTAGE 003

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Photo via Yoder

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