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Home / News / Space Yacht Launches New Label With Fierce CLB & Formula Collab, “Moving Forward”

Space Yacht Launches New Label With Fierce CLB & Formula Collab, “Moving Forward”


Fridays are usually pretty busy days for music, but today seems especially busy. With new albums, singles, EPs, and more galore, today is a fantastic day for new music and new beginnings. Space Yacht, the Los Angeles party collective that has been dominating the underground scene for years is officially “Moving Forward” with a brand new label and they just put out their first release.

CLB & Formula team up on “Moving Forward,” a pulse-pounding drum & bass tune that merges a sort of liquid melodic progression with some jump up/neuro drum work and chilling vocals. With Space Yacht’s tenure in the live music game, they could have gone with any number of genres for their first release, but the first one being drum & bass is surely no accident and shows their devotion to the genre’s rise in the US.

“While the label is a huge addition to our daily operations, it’s really an extension of our mission since day one – to unearth the next generation in electronic music. Various investors and majors have approached us over the years to launch a label, but just didn’t feel like the right time. We’re glad we took our time with it to build a team on our terms. Almost everyone working on the label was a frequent attendee of our events and understands our culture deeply. What we are launching today will deepen the ties between all the things we’ve been doing in the past 5 years, and help us move forward really cohesively for years to come.”
– Space Yacht co-founders, Henry Lu & Rami Perlman

Most of the label’s signees have stemmed from Space Yacht’s Twitch program called Tune Reactor – essentially a reaction video crossed with a demo review show. Launched during quarantine, Tune Reactor has allowed Space Yacht’s founders to hear 1000+ demos over the last two months while sharing their A&R process on air, 3 days a week.

Stay tuned for more releases coming soon, and check out “Moving Forward” below!


Photos by: @Raveloids

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