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Home / News / Spotify Wrapped 2020 is here – Dancing Astronaut

Spotify Wrapped 2020 is here – Dancing Astronaut


In a year that often seemed like it would never end, streaming music was one of the most readily available forms of momentary escapism. Now, the numbers are in, as avid Spotify devotees get to dive into the annual tradition of Spotify Wrapped, this year to see just how much of their favorite tunes it took to stave off what felt like the apocalypse.

Launching December 1, the streaming giant indulged fans with the top played artists, songs, podcasts, and more. The list introduces the Puerto Rican pop purveyor, Bad Bunny, as the most streamed artist with over 8.2 billion streams worldwide, The Weeknd‘s “Blinding Lights” as the most streamed song of the year, and unsurprisingly the Joe Rogan Experience as the leading podcast of 2020. Other artists such as Drake, J Balvin and Billie Eilish came close, Eilish being the most-streamed female artist for the second year in a row. But that’s not all, the platform has also added six new elements to their annual sonic conclusion.

This year, Spotify added in-app quizzes allowing users to test their prediction skills of the top played artists, podcasts, and even the most-played songs from other decades. This year’s additions also include Story of Your 2020, which allows subscribers to see their listening history of their top song throughout the year. What’s more, the platform also released a handful of new honorary badges for users including the “Tastemaker” designation, based on the number of followers gained on playlists, “Pioneer” if users listened to a song before it brought in 50,000 plays, and finally, “Collector,” based on how many songs users added to playlists this year.

New playlists curated specifically for user’s own taste this past year, including, of course, Your Top Songs, a user’s most played songs of the year, Missed Hits, compiling a list of songs users have yet to discover from 2020 that Spotify’s data has compiled just for them, and finally, On Record, a “mixed media experience” from all one’s top artists of 2020.

Lastly, and possibly the most panoptic and exciting feature yet, Spotify has given everyone with an interest the ability to view the world’s most streamed content for the year, not just subscribers. Reflect on the good times and the bad and check out the year in review here.

Via: Spotify

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