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Home / News / STANCE Kick Off Forthcoming ‘Discordance’ EP with ‘Me’

STANCE Kick Off Forthcoming ‘Discordance’ EP with ‘Me’


An exploration of self empowerment when hope seems lost, STANCE push to lift spirits in their newest single “Me.” Serving as the first single from their forthcoming Discordance EP, “Me” is out now.

A sonic mirage of future bass, STANCE create powerful soundscapes of bright inspiration. Crescendoing synths set the stage from the get go, wrapping listeners in a comforting blanket of bliss. Unfurling into broader synth work intertwined with a swelling kick, STANCE display their penchant for all things serene. “Me” is a reminder to look inward during trying times, and to find strength and solace in our own energy. Composed during lockdown, STANCE’s “Me” and forthcoming Discordance EP explore motifs of guilt, joy, uncertainty, and growth. Stay tuned.

“‘Me’ is an exploration of what it feels like to motivate yourself when you do not feel like you deserve happiness. There is a concerted effort that we all have to make to pull ourselves out of certain scenarios and rise above self-doubt or negative thought patterns. ‘Me’ is about that personal effort, and the fact that doing it once is often not enough. Specifically, there are strings during the calm portions, layered with the sound of a train representing the few times that we are able to stop and think. The strings theme carries across the whole EP, culminating in the outro and what’s yet to come in our ‘Discordance’ EP.” – STANCE

Stream “Me” here, or find it on Spotify below.

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