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Stars of the entertainment world react to early US election results


Stars of the music and entertainment worlds have shared their voting experiences and reactions to the first results in the US election.

Incumbent President Donald Trump is in the running for re-election, while Democratic candidate Joe Biden is hoping he will become the 46th leader of America.

Polls in some states began closing at 12am GMT (7pm ET), with the first projected results being called around an hour later. While polling stations across the country saw long lines of citizens waiting to vote, a large number of votes were cast early via mail-in ballots implemented to reduce the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

So far, Biden has projected to win the vote Illinois, Virginia, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and more. Trump has been declared the presumed winner in Kentucky, South Carolina, West Virginia, Indiana, and several other states. He is also currently on track to take key territory Florida.

Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell shared his voting experience at LA’s SoFI Stadium on Twitter, calling it “calm, cool, and collective”. “The stadium itself is a marvel, and the staff were helpful and kind,” he said. “LA we have an incredible venue we can call home. I am anxiously crossing fingers, toes, and tongue.”

Local Natives shared a 40-minute performance on Instagram to encourage fans stuck in long lines at polling stations. “You have a voice & power in what you want this world to be,” they wrote. “Here’s some songs to help pass the time while you wait in line to vote or just need a break from constantly refreshing Twitter.”

The Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood, meanwhile, shared his gratitude to voters. “The biggest, warmest ‘thank you’ to every person out there fighting so hard to finally end this national nightmare,” he tweeted. “You’re the heroes we needed and you came out in droves.”

In the day following the election, Janelle Monáe launched a scathing attack on Trump voters.

“Fuck Donald Tromp and every American citizen, celebrity, white woman, black man, ETC who supported him,” she tweeted.

See more reactions below.

Kanye West was also running for office this year and shared footage of his trip to a polling station in Wyoming. He uploaded a video to Twitter of a ballot with his name written in the box for write-in candidates being scanned at the station.

Hours later, he conceded the election with another tweet. “WELP […] KANYE 2024,” he wrote on Twitter, alongside a photo of himself stood in front of a map of the states and their projected winners.

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